Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Thursday Night Men's Softball League Schedules


Thursday Men's Softball League Schedules:

Please click on the link below for your division schedule:
Spring/Summer Schedules

*Schedules subject to change, please check regularly.

Thursday C  Schedule 

Thursday C- Schedule

    Congratulations to The Replacements Fall/Winter C League Champs

Congratulations to Still Perky Fall/Winter C- League Champs

Game time is forfeit time.
No Alcoholic Beverages allowed at the park or playing field area.
Violation will result in player and or team suspension. 

You may start the game with 7 players.
Your 8th player must arrive by the end of the 2nd inning or a forfeit will be declared.
You may play the game with 8 players .
You may borrow up to 3 players from other teams to make a team of 9 players. The borrowed players must bat at the end of the lineup and play catcher, 2nd base, or right field.
You may not borrow a player to make a team of 10 players.
You may not bench a roster player and use a borrow player.
Violation of using borrowed players improperly will cause a forfeit to be declared.